video | 2020

The great Transformation

This is a short aftermovie from our transformation design project in university. It shows how, in one way or the other, this project had a great impact at all of us. This course just had an amazing positive and loving vibe I haven’t experienced like this before. It was all about personal transformation, and how we as designer can have an impact to make the world a more aware place. In my personal opinion it also shows that transformation can be part of a teaching system. Which opens up the question if we should integrate a similar course in our school system.

Thanks again to all of you for helping me out with this. Especially because I know in the end we were all a little bit exhausted. But you still were all in. It meant a lot to me that I could make this video done without even walking. And this wouldn’t be possible with all your help. Definitely one of my favorite projects so far.

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